Churches take preventative measures against coronavirus

HAMILTON COUNTY, Tenn. (WDEF) — Churches in Chattanooga are keeping an eye on the coronavirus and have plans in place.

Inside Abba’s House there are lights, cameras and a switchboard, all perfect for streaming services online.

If the coronavirus becomes an issue for them, Pastor Ronnie Phillips Jr. says it will be even more helpful.

“We have a plan to enhance that for our people who are scared to come to church in this season. We have also been cleaning and sanitizing everything. We always do. We are really going overboard with that and this season,” Pastor Phillips said.

The pastor says they’ll be flexible in order to get their message across.

“We are prepared to just speak just to our people online and have service, speak to them through live streaming. We are prepared to add additional services if for instance we can’t meet in large groups. If we can’t, say, go over the 200 people mark then we will just have more services,” Pastor Phillips said.

Travel advisors are also dealing with the impact of coronavirus. Deborah Cross, with Cruise Planners American Express Travel, says some younger clients are still taking cruises.

“They are telling me I am healthy I am active I will take common sense precautions and I will be just fine. They are not canceling it is my clients that are 60 years of age or older of those with health problems that are calling and saying, ‘Deborah how do we handle this?'”

She says some clients who are in Europe had to quickly change plans because of the travel ban.

“There are people that are flying back today that thought they would be flying back in maybe a week from now. So it sort of upended the entire industry,” Cross said.

Back at Abba’s House, they are staying positive.

“We don’t believe in fear. We believe in faith and we are going to be believing that we are going to get through this as a nation and as a community and that God id still on the throne,” Pastor Phillips said.

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