City arrives at compromise maximum tow truck rates

$25 cheaper than the original ordinance the mayor vetoed

CHATTANOOGA (WDEF) – The Mayor’s Office announces a deal over how much companies can charge for a tow in certain circumstances.

The city sets a maximum charge that wrecker companies can charge if they are on the city call list (meaning they tow after wrecks, breakdowns or illegal parking).

Operators complained that the rate hasn’t gone up in decades.

So City Council voted to double the max rate.

But Mayor Kelly vetoed their rates, saying it was too much.

Now after negotiations, they have settled on a daytime rate of $225 with a night/weekend rate of $250.

Also in the deal, the city will update the rates each year to account for inflation.

The City Council approved the compromise on Tuesday.

“I am glad our negotiations with the towing industry and City Council resulted in a fairer deal for Chattanoogans, and I look forward to signing the amended ordinance to ensure tow fees remain fair and reasonable in the years to come,” said Kelly. “Towing fees are almost always an unexpected cost that can really matter to working-class Chattanoogans struggling with inflation themselves—and I’m committed to doing everything in my power to keep our city affordable for everyone.”

The compromise was just $25 cheaper than the original council plan.

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