City code violations and the Easter Tornado

The City of Chattanooga is responding to concerns over code violations in areas impacted by the Easter tornado.

News 12’s Dorothy Sherman explains what you should do if you get a notice that you are in violation.

The City of Chattanooga sends out around 10 to 12 thousand notices of violation every year.

It’s a letter telling you to fix whatever code you’re violating, but if you can’t right away, because of circumstances including the Easter tornado and storms, they are willing to work with you.”

Donna Williams:
“If they have a hardship which of course unfortunately the folks who were in the path of the storms or tornado definitely meet that criteria given the crisis.”

If you get a notice of violation it either comes from a member of the public or an inspector.

Folks have 10 days to fix the violation, but Economic and Development Administrator Donna Williams says if you can’t get it done by then call the number on the letter.

“Of course in the issue of the tornado and severe storms that could be months weeks and months depending on if that owner is waiting for information from their insurance company or a contractor any number of things could delay their ability to correct the provisions in the notice of violation.”

It might not be easy for someone still dealing with the aftermath of the tornado to get things done.

That area is in Councilman Darrin Ledford’s district.

He explains that a situation recently happened to a constituent relating to a code violation, but it has since been taken care of.

Councilman Darrin Ledford:
“I have had talks with the ECD director, I have had talks with the mayor’s chief of staff and we’re working on solutions to have a little more compassion, because they do have a procedure to follow, but how we address those procedures especially in a wake of a devastating tornado is very important in how we move forward.”

Williams adds a side note that They’re also working with the federal government and look to soon announce some relief programs, in Chattanooga, Dorothy Sherman, News 12 Now.

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