City council approves Steep slope ordinance

CHATTANOOGA, Tennessee– A Chattanooga City Council ordinance handling vegetation requirements on steep slopes has been discussed for over a year now.

“I think we’ve talked about it for over a year and I think did not pass it would be very detrimental to progress and forward-thinking and addressing these important issues,” said Ledford.

Well, the wait is now over as the city council passes it 9-0.

Originally, the ordinance requires vegetation to be planted if a new building occurs in a steep slope of 33 percent grade or more. Councilmember Jerry Mitchell made a successful motion 9-0 for the slope grade to become 30 percent.

“I feel that 30% is doable because I’ve had time this week to run those numbers,” said Ledford.

Ledford said this will encourage builders to build off of slopes or will result in new vegetation. He said it’s a step in the right direction.

“I think that it shows that we are moving and are willing to move the needle and moving a step forward. If you’ll take note when the national resource assessment came out they were 10 items that RPA had recommended we do. This covers two of them that’s 20% of the list it’s not perfect nothing ever will be but I think it’s the right step, a step in the right direction,” said Ledford.

He said this passing doesn’t address every issue but, it does aid people in Chattanooga.


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