City council candidate meeting the people of the area

CHATTANOOGA, Tennessee- A city council candidate went door to door on Saturday to find out what people what from their politicians.

Marie Mott is running for city council in District 8 and she went around the area to speak with potential voters about affordable housing, community safety and meet the community first hand.

She said she wants to be out in the community and there is no substitute for being out in the area that she could be representing in the future.

She said this allows her to hear what the public wants from their politicians.

“I don’t know everything and I’m not supposed to. I need to hear the voice of the people if it’s a situation to where I am just walking in to City Hall with my opinions I’m not doing the right thing. It matters what the people want and being connected to the people and the constant communication. I don’t want to do that at the end, I want to do that from the start,” said Mott.

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