City Council Members Propose ‘Banning the Box’

Chattanooga, TN (WDEF) – Chattanooga’s NAACP chapter is working with city council members to help get people back in the work force, with a new proposal.

It’s called Ban the Box, and it’s all about giving those living in the Chattanooga area, who may have a felony on their record, a better chance of getting a city government job.

Officials say the first step would be to remove the infamous "have you ever been convicted" question from job applications. The second step would be to change the city’s Charter regulations that requires employees to be registered to vote.

"Chattanooga’s a place where unemployment shouldn’t be a problem," said city councilmen, Yusuf Hakeem, "We’re trying to afford these people an opportunity to rise above that economic condition they’re in."

If approved, the new proposal could go into affect in as soon as two weeks. As of now, the only jobs this would affect would be general service, or non critical, positions. Fire and police officer positions would not apply.

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