City Council Trimming Costs For Park Maintenance

CHATTANOOGA,TN, Savings of 11% can now be made to keep our parks mowed, cleaned and pruned.

Ken Smith, District 3 – City of Chattanooga,"What we have started to do is contract out the maintenance of those parks most of them have already been contracted out, I believe 17 more are getting ready to go to bid."

Chris Anderson adds that weather is also a factor in trimming back costs.

Chris Anderson, District 7,"Because it doesn’t make sense to employ people as mowers year round, we don’t mow year round, we are going to be contracting out the mowing and focusing on all the other services in house, that is a much more efficient way to operate".

Smith feels the new system will also save time.

"Those contracts run on about every 7 days they are expected to go out and cut, which is much better than we can do in house".

Anderson wants the saved dollars to go towards garbage disposal and recycling.

"We are able to increase by several percentage points the amount of recycling trucks, garbage trucks on the road, that service that we provide to more and more citizens every year".

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