City council votes David Roddy as new police chief

HAMILTON COUNTY, Tenn. (WDEF) – Deputy Chief David Roddy’s nomination for Chattanooga’s next police chief was confirmed by the city council Monday night.

8 to 1 – Deputy Chief David Roddy will soon step into the official role as Chief of Police for the City of Chattanooga.
And that one came from Councilmen Russel Gilbert.

Gilbert says, “I am man enough to tell somebody that I am going to vote no and I am man enough that if he proves me wrong I will go back to him and say I’m wrong.”

Councilman Gilbert says that his constituents felt strongly that Assistant Chief McPherson was the better candidate.

“They knew that McPherson has a trust in the community and they trust that Mcpherson could make a difference in our community,” says Gilbert.

Prior to giving her vote, Councilwoman Demetrus Coonrad gave her reason for voting YES on this nomination, despite her communities love for McPherson.

Coonrad interjected, “The constituents in District 9 a lot of people voice their concerns about the great job that McPherson is already doing. Those were the reasons that they felt that he should be the next chief so in my mind I had to think would I want to remove this man from exactly what he’s great at – to put him as the chief… Then who’s going to clean up my community.”

Deputy Chief Roddy says he can’t form a plan to take the city forward without hearing from everyone.

Roddy says, “Now we go out figure out the problems and figure out what the relationships look like and design this plan and then we assess it and it evolves… assess it and then it evolves, and that’s how we go about addressing how we perceive issues now but how we deal with things that come up.”

“I got my boots ready I already had my boots on the ground but this time around I’m going it with McPherson and Roddy together so we can get our community cleaned up,” Coonrad says.

Ricky Robinson stood up at the end the meeting and said. “Not saying that I won’t be up here complaining about something because I want to hold him accountable but we need to get behind him and give him a chance.

Councilmen Anthony Byrd says, “I just hope that the community gets behind him because he can’t do this by himself.”


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