City Council Votes Unanimously to Name Navy Ship USS Chattanooga

"We honor the veterans the best we can and that would be a great way to do it," said Army veteran Allen Greenwell.

Naval ships are named after great battles, U.S. Presidents, and war heroes.

Well, city councilman Chip Henderson met with a group of local veterans and came up with the idea to have a ship named after Chattanooga commemorating the fallen five.

"We were kicking around the idea and they asked me if I would carry the ball into city council to present this resolution," said councilman Henderson.

The resolution passed city council vote unanimously Tuesday night.

Henderson will now present the resolution to U.S. Senators who will take it to the federal government.

"The Department of the Navy has different requirements for different ships as to what they can name it but this resolution will ask the department of defense and the Department of the Navy to name the next eligible ship the USS Chattanooga," Henderson said.

Getting the approval to name a naval vessel is an involved process.

Aircraft carriers are named after presidents.

Attack submarines are named after states.

And the other ships follow their own requirements too.

The Secretary of the Navy, Ray Mabus, has the final say in what U.S. Naval ships are named.

But a ship memorializing those service men who gave all and the city who supported them is a perfect and lasting tribute.

"I think every time we see that ship we’ll think about those men and the service that they gave to our country and the ultimate sacrifice that they gave to our country," Henderson said.

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