The City of Dalton Debates Over the Joseph E. Johnston Statue

DALTON, Ga. (WDEF)- The city of Dalton is facing controversy over whether the Joseph E. Johnston statue should be removed.

An argument takes place on the steps of the Joseph E. Johnston statue.

“You told me you don’t want to debate this.”

“I’m having a simple conversation.”

“But you’re a crying female and you make me feel bad.”

Dozens came out to Dalton City Hall tonight over this statue.

Some want Joseph E. Johnston to go.

“General Johnston he symbolizes to black people -misery, suffering, destruction” said a Dalton resident speaking to city leaders.

Others want him to stay.

“To me it represents what our country used to be” said Richard Brock.

While some citizens of Dalton see the Joseph E. Johnston statue as a historical landmark to take pride in others see it as a symbol of hate.

“This is going on nationwide. We want these statues removed” said Stephen Thomas. “These people were literally murderers, rapists, pillagers, and they traded human beings and broke up families.”

A petition to relocate the statue to the Huff House behind city hall has gained over a thousand signatures.

Those who want the statue to move, want the city to pay for it.

Mayor David Pennington tells News 12 it’s up to the United Daughters of the Confederacy to decide if it should move, because the group owns the statue.


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