City of Chattanooga Will Test For Fair Housing

          The Office of Multicultural Affairs says many people in Chattanooga don’t get the housing they need because of discrimination, and that’s against the law.
        At last night’s Fair Housing forum, they unveiled a plan to combat that problem.
        Local citizens known as testers will soon be checking in on landlords and property owners to make sure they’re following fair housing laws.
        The Fair Housing Testing initiative is designed to reveal how landlords are performing and correct the issues that are found.
        "That is an excellent method because we only, the Tennessee human rights commission we go out and we educate. We do not actually do testing, so this helps us unearth what actually is going on in the community," said Richard Gadzekpo with the Tennessee Human Rights Commission.
To find out how you can help with the initiative call 423-643-6702 or contact
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