City officials in Jasper pass ordinance that prohibits pit bulls

JASPER, Tenn. (WDEF) — On Monday, officials in Jasper approved an ordinance that will ban new pit bulls from coming into the city.

Pitt bulls currently living in Jasper would be grandfathered in and be able to stay.  But there are different rules that would have to be followed. Owners are not happy about this.

People packed into the Jasper Annex building to learn whether city officials would pass an ordinance that would prohibit pit bulls, with some exceptions.

“I want to clarify that the town is not going to take away any dogs. We will not come into your home and search it without a search warrant. You will be required to have a $100,000 liability insurance,” Mayor Paul Wayne Evans said.

Before the decision, people spoke out saying they think it comes down to the owner. Others had questions about whether it is feasible.

“Will someone else be hired on to take on the responsibilities and enforcement? Or will the animal control person yield his position in parks and recreation and handle all the extra duties? How much will it cost with overtime for the animal control officer or annual salary for a new person?” Laura Turner asked.

City officials passed the ordinance unanimously. It states no new pit bulls would be allowed. Pit bulls currently living in Jasper would be grandfathered in. They would have to be kept in a kennel.

Jessica Huggins, who lives in Jasper and fosters pit bulls, was upset about this decision.

“They are my family and I will protect them. They have never caused the city a problem. I have a lovely fenced in backyard that I go home and enjoy with those dogs and if the city wants to take that away from me, then it is not happening,” Huggins said.

Huggins says she now will be forced to relocate.

“I will not subject them to this type of life.”

Owners have 30 days to register their pit bulls.

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