City responds to our sinkhole story on Missionary Ridge

CHATTANOOGA (WDEF) – A Missionary Ridge woman takes her situation with a storm water drain to city council.

“This is an expensive project and is no fault of ours. This water has been draining off of Crest Road for years,” Bonnie Robbins said.

Robbins described the problems she has been experiencing in her yard on Old Ringgold for years during the Chattanooga City Council meeting Tuesday night in hopes to get any help from the city for repairs.

“Right now we have a blockage and we have a six foot deep hole and that came at the end of may, but prior to that we had a sunken area right before that which was a hole at one time and my husband and i tried to take care of it a few years ago and the fix was only temporary and the land has sunken again,” Robbins said.

We told you, Monday, about Bill and Bonnie Robbins who live on Missionary Ridge.

There are several sink-holes on their property from the collapse of storm water drainage pipes.

They’re now trying to change a controversial decision about who will repair the damage.

Yesterday we told you about Bonnie Robbins who has a 100 year old storm water drainage pipe running under her yard on Old Ringgold Road.

It collapsed and created a sinkhole.

And she says the city advised her that she is financially responsible for the repair.

City engineer Bill Payne talked about that today.

“There’s a lot of drainage inside the city, but not all that drainage is always owned by the city, and so a lot of times we have to go out and do, people will call us and we’ll go out and do an investigation to figure out whether or not the problem they’re having is on something that’s owned by the city, or not and so as part of that we’ll look for easements, or other things that are to the city.”

And, without documents, the city has backed off.

“We don’t have any records to indicate when it was built, uh or who had built it, uh, but we have checked the property, and there’s no easement that’s to the city or to – that says there’s a government entity that was responsible for the work.”

The city’s best guess is that the drain pipe was installed in the 1920’s.
And any repair will be expensive.

Bonnie Robbins says “Thirty to thirty-eight thousand is what I was quoted that it could cost us. Now what retired home owner, could afford that? And you know it’s just it’s not a matter, it’s just a matter of doing what’s right. And what’s right is for the city to correct this problem that they’ve created for years now.”


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