Cleaning company gives HCS board members action plan moving forward

HAMILTON COUNTY, Tenn. (WDEF) – “One complaint is too many, especially in this COVID environment. We want to ensure those faculty and staff that we’re taking those very seriously,” Senior Vice President of Operations for Southeast ABM Trey Brock said.

It’s an action plan ABM Corporate Leaders shared with Hamilton County School Board Members Thursday night after getting complaints about the cleaning at schools.

“Immediately and over the next few weeks they’ll begin to see a lot more consistency in the service,” Brock said.

In a survey of 3,500 teachers, ABM got around 200 complaints with the main problem being basic cleaning.

“It’s emptying trash cans, sweeping the floors, filling the toilet paper roll, filling the paper towels, making sure the soap is filled. Those things that were not being done consistently in every building,” Hamilton County Education Association President Jeanette O’Markhail said.

ABM has been investigating and identifying deficiencies.

Brock said that the biggest problem has been hiring.

So, they’ve increased wage rates to 13 dollars an hour and are now seeing an influx in candidates and employees.

“Keeping up with this economy and the stuff that has happened it has been somewhat difficult to find that magic number so we’re investing in the district,” Brock said.

School Board Member Tucker McClendon is one who has been working with ABM to resolve issues.

“Actions speak louder than words and so I think we’ll see over the next 2, 3 weeks and I plan to hold them accountable along with this administration and we’ll see how it goes,” McClendon said.

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