Clear the Shelter Event at McKamey Animal Shelter

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn (WDEF) – “We can have a great day we can have a hundred adoptions today and tomorrow we can take in a hundred animals. I mean that’s the reality of the situations of animal shelters,” says Jamie McAloon, Executive Director McKamey Animal Shelter.

McKamey Animal Shelter had over 600 animals in their facility, they have never experienced numbers this high.

They were open for 12 hours straight, showcasing their animals from kittens to cats from puppies to dogs.

Once familes found their pet, they went to counseling with the staff to make sure that the animal is the right fit for their home.

Mckamey wants people to understand that adopting an animal should be a lifetime commitment.

“We don’t want you to come in if you are only thinking about a season, you better be serious. Its gotta be lifetime. When you move, take your pet with you. We want them to stay with you for good,”said McAloon.

According to the shelter one of the reasons they are overcrowded is because of the lack of spaying and neutering in the community.

“Well i think its a good thing, you have all these kittens, stray kittens, cats, and dogs and things that need a home so its a good thing,”said Wendy Dupras, animal adopter.

Some of the that people adopted today did it to fill a void in their family.

“One of my other barn cats passed away unfortunately and its friend was lonely, so we decided to get it another friend,”said Courtney Frei, animal adopter.

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