Cleveland Businessman sees need for Cleveland School improvement

CLEVELAND, Tennessee (WDEF)- “Our results right now we dropped in the lower 24% across the state. Now there are 140 school systems in the state of Tennessee we’re 106. That means there are 34 people below us and 106 above us, go to,” said Allan Jones.

Jones is a Cleveland City School alumni turned businessman. He previously helped turn the school wrestling program into a powerhouse with a six-year plan. Now he’s hoping he can institute a six-year plan to turn the school academics around.
“Support our teachers and listen to her teachers. This thing’s been run by Dawn Robinson with an iron fist. She dropped the valedictorian. Why in the world can she not pick a valedictorian. Something as simple as that. We’ve been doing it for years and years. The valedictorian of my freshman year went to Yale and that impressed me. She dropped accounting, the most basic business course that’s made me successful,” said Jones.
Jones points to current board chair Dawn Robinson as he feels it’s time for a change.
In a written statement, Robinson said Jones has an agenda and is using an unreliable website to validate his claims.
 Jones also said it’s based on the community to come out and voice their opinion.
“It’s not the school board’s fault. It’s the fault of us, the citizens of the city of Cleveland. We’ve got to be willing to step up and run,” said Jones.
Robinson said she will not have any part in his attempts to undermine and discredit CHS’s excellent schools. She references the US NEWS and WORLD Reports that rank CHS in the top 16% of high schools in TN and number 1 in the Cleveland Metro Area.
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