Cleveland Considers Increasing Punishments for Illegal Tire Dumping

CLEVELAND, Tennessee (WDEF) – The Cleveland City Council met today to discuss the dumping sites at which used tires are being disposed illegally.

To combat the issue, the council proposed a resolution which, if accepted by the State, would deal out harsher punishments to offenders.

“It asks our colleagues in the state legislature to stiffen the penalties and improve the enforcement capabilities, so that when these illegal tire haulers are caught, that more can be done to stop it.,” said Cleveland Mayor Kevin Brooks.

The increased penalties are intended to encourage people to dispose of tires at official landfills, like this one, the Bradley County Waste Facility.

If made law, the resolution would also require tire haulers to be licensed, and would institute a “cradle to grave” policy for keeping track of where tires end up.

“From the beginning, when the tires are taken off of a car, and they’re disposed of at the tires center and someone comes to pick them up, then they would be tracked,” said Marsha McKenzie, City Counselor for District 1.

The issue of illegal dumping sites doesn’t stop with Cleveland.

The Bradley County Commission will see a similar resolution at their next meeting.

“Representative Hall, Mark hall, who used to be on the Madison County commission, is drafting legislation as we speak. I talked to him this morning. He has a bill up in the general assembly that will toughen up the laws, so that somebody who does this will face stiffer penalties,” said Milan Blake, County Commissioner for District 3.

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