Cleveland family extra thankful this holiday

CHATTANOOGA, Tennessee (WDEF)- Seeing family at the airport is a typical Thanksgiving tradition, but this was no typical meeting.

62-year-old Scott Cantrell, a father and grandfather from Cleveland, TN, saw for the first time in person his lifesaving blood stem cell donor Tobias Schnurr at the Chattanooga Metropolitan Airport.

“I love this guy. ‘I love you too’ my donor. Without him, I would not be here today,” said Cantrell.
“Unbelievably crazy, it’s crazy but it’s true,” said Schnurr.

Cantrell was diagnosed with stage 4 diffuse large B-Cell lymphoma in 2019 and needs a stem cell transplant to survive. Tobias was a perfect match.

“It’s overwhelming and it’s made Thanksgiving just so special this year, that we get to celebrate with him and thank him in person.
“A gift; overwhelmed,” said Schnurr.

They were linked up through DKMS, the world’s largest stem cell donor center.

It’s very important to sign up and be on the registry with DKMS or be the match. It’s known that 70% of people that suffer from leukemia or lymphoma have to go outside other families to find a donor,” said Becky.

This has been two years in the making, but now not only have they met, but they have also enjoyed a southern thanksgiving together.

“We’re going to make the best of it, have the greatest Thanksgiving that we’ve had in a long long time. With a lot of meeting this year,” said Cantrell.

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