Cleveland Firefighters Head to Louisiana to Help After Flooding

CLEVELAND. TENN. (WDEF) –  About a dozen Cleveland firefighters left for Louisiana Monday morning.

They’ll help provide some relief to those working the front lines of record flooding in Baton Rouge.

“Before we knew it, we had raised several thousand dollars and a big trailer load supplies”, said State Representative Dan Powell.

Powell said the idea to go down to help out with the devastating destruction sparked Friday.

“I got a call from a former firefighter, Dennis Carol, who said our firefighters want to do something could you help us get the word out?”

After the news spread Lowes Home Improvement Warehouse stepped in and donated enough supplies to fill two trailers.

“We had items we were selling at discounted rates so we could participate as well. We had snacks, we had batteries, flashlights…anything you could imagine where people have nothing”, said store manager Shannon Ingram.

The ten firefighters who are participating in the relief effort plan to hit the ground running once they arrive.

The record flooding has impacted thousands even impacting one of the firefighters.

“It hit home with me because I’m from Louisiana. We’re just going to out there and help out some of my people that hopefully I grew up around and make an impact”,said firefighter Randy Bienvenu.

“This is indicative of the character of this community. This isn’t the first time they’ve stepped up to help people in need. It’s just a part of their DNA”, said Powell.
Fire Crews will start with the cleanup effort early Tuesday morning.
They plan to come back home on Friday.

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