Cleveland High School Gets The Latest in Artificial Turf Fields

Cleveland, TN-(WDEF) When Cleveland high school kicks off their football season next fall, they’ll be playing on a new artificial surface.
This is not your average artificial turf either.
The price tag was around $775,000 according to Blue Raiders head coach Scott Cummings.
And since this is a new, top-notch turf, it will attract some top-notch football people anxious to check it out.
Said Cummings:”It was something that (superintendent) Dr. Russell Dyer really also wanted. He came to us and really wants to have a brand here at Cleveland. The brand is to be the best. It’s to be the best at everything we do. Give our kids the absolute best facilities that they can have. This is the only football surface of its kind in the entire country right now. The president of the company was here this morning. Said he has already gotten two or three NFL executives lined up to come view this very field we’re standing on because it is the latest in technology. This one is single strands that are inter-woven, and then just the ends of the strands stick up, which makes it for some reason stand up better than the old turf fields. This stuff plays like natural grass. It cuts like natural grass. Injuries are actually cut down on the new turf than natural grass even. In the name of safety too, we went ahead and purchased another 87,000 dollars in padding to go underneath it that was an add-on. Cleveland youth football. A program we started when I first got here a few years ago, our home games will be right here on this turf field. It’s not really about saving money. It’s really not. They try to sell it as such maybe. But really at the end of the day, it’s who you want to be, and what you want to be about. But we’re really just excited for Cleveland as a community to have a showcase place.”

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