Cleveland holds ceremony for war veterans

CLEVELAND, Tenn. (WDEF) – For 70 years, Cleveland honors its war veterans in a public ceremony.

The one hour ceremony brought guest speakers, dignitaries and service awards.

But after 50 years, Cleveland Mayor Tom Rowland, is stepping down as the program’s Master of Ceremonies. And after 20 years, Steve Stewart, is handing over his hat as Chairman of Memorial Day service.

Pedro Gonzalez is now the new Memorial and Veteran Day Services Chairman.

Memorial & Veteran Day Services Chairman Pedro Gonzalez said “At a position like this deserves a person that has a sense of honor, a sense of integrity to it. And to bring some kind of recognition to the men that served.”

For the future, he says he’d like to introduce new and retirement flag ceremonies.

Gonzalez says he wants to recruit younger generation to join.

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