Cleveland man says he was robbed at gunpoint Tuesday

CLEVELAND, Tenn. (WDEF) – William Young was getting ready for work Tuesday morning.

He started up his car from inside his home on Peerless Drive, but when he headed out the door at around 4, his morning took an unexpected turn.

“The two suspects were behind me at this corner. When I was facing this way, that’s when they came out, told me to get down. I kind of took a step or two and turned around and when I did my hand actually touched his gun,” Young said.

Young was getting robbed at gunpoint.

“He told me to keep backing up and I continued to back up towards the rear of the vehicle. When I got towards the rear of the vehicle is when he told me to give me your keys, wallet and phone. I pulled them out as quick as I could. Told him everything’s okay,” Young said.

He said two guys then got in his car and drove away.

“I’m very thankful that I wasn’t shot. I really thought I was going to get shot for a few moments,” Young said.

Authorities believe the incident happened after four people were reportedly seen going through cars at Brookes Edge Apartments.

So officers responded.

“And when they did they saw the vehicle leaving, so they attempted to stop the vehicle there was two actually in the car then fled on foot. Our officers caught one, and there was still one at large,” Cleveland Police Sgt. Evie West said.

Sgt. West said that two other suspects made it over to Peerless Drive and continued to vandalize and burglarize cars.

She said after they found a Glock, they then robbed Young and took his car to Collegedale, where they sent police on chase.

Investigators said they wrecked Young’s vehicle near Walmart in Ooltewah.

“The driver and the passenger got out and ran. One was an adult. One was a juvenile. The adult was able to get away and Collegedale Police Department caught the juvenile suspect.”

West says they’re still looking for the two other suspects.

As for Young, he said when he was robbed his family including a baby was inside his home.

He said he is just thankful no one was hurt.

A Go Fund Me was set up for Young and his family as they recover from the robbery.

If you have any information on this case contact the Cleveland Police Det. Kody Fox at (423) 559-3377 or leave a confidential tip on the police department’s Facebook page.

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