Cleveland Must “Learn That it Costs to be a Winner”

Marty Wheeler debuts as Cleveland’s new head football coach this fall.
He comes to Blue Raider nation after ten seasons at Covington where he made it to the state title game three times.
Wheeler hopes to resurrect a Cleveland program that hasn’t been to the title game in nearly 25 years.
In his first year, Marty Wheeler would love to tap into Cleveland’s tradition.
Said Wheeler:”There was a long, long period of team where they were a team you didn’t want to see coming. We want to be a very physical football team. That’s something we are trying to instill in our guys is a physical mentality. That’s what kind of football we believe in. I think if you look across the board, no matter what classification, the kinds of teams that play the longest are the teams that can run the football, and teams that can stop the run. You want to impose your physical-ness or will on people.”
Imposing speed is great too, and Wheeler hopes to get the springboard for speed in place.
Said Wheeler:”Now the main star of our offense is going to be the offensive line. Lot of people get caught up in the running backs and wide receivers and stuff like that. I’m a guy. I’m an O-line guy. I believe the game is won up front.”
Reporter:”In your eyes, what do you think the biggest story is going into the season for Cleveland?”
Said running back Devarus Bowman:”In my eyes the biggest story is what can Cleveland do with a young team.”
Reporter:”If you could describe this team in one word what would it be and why?”
Said receiver Deuce Flowers:”Underdogs because we’re going to do our best to come out on top.”
Reporter:”What’s the biggest hurdle you think you are going to have to overcome?”
Said Wheeler:”Mentality. We’ve got to learn that it costs to be a winner. I think there’s not anybody on this field that doesn’t want to win, but what they’ve got to understand is that it’s going to cost you something to win. Nobody is going to give you anything.”

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