Cleveland pharmacy helping with COVID vaccination efforts

CLEVELAND, Tennessee- As Tennessee residents age 65 and older, as well as teachers, became eligible to receive their COVID-19 vaccine this week getting everyone vaccinated has been a struggle.

“It has been a little challenging. It’s kind of the unknown. As Pharmacies we’ve been prepared for this for a couple months and get an email saying you’re going to get the vaccine the next day and see you kind of go and get patients in, it creates an organized chaos, if you will,” said Owner Chad Smith. 

Preferred Cherokee Pharmacy in Cleveland is one of four local pharmacies in Cleveland in addition to Bradley County Health Department where you can get vaccinated if eligible. 

“We’re thankful that we had the opportunity to help in our community and help with our patients to make sure that we help with their health and keep everybody as safe and healthy as possible,” said Smith.

Smith said the pharmacy has already vaccinated around 500 people and administers 20 to 30 a day. He says the more places who are able to give the covid-19 vaccine the better 

“With the pandemic we’re going through I think it’s very important that we try to get to as many patients as possible, as many that are willing to get the vaccine as possible,” said Smith. 

He said he knows people are excited and want to get the vaccine but he has one request for his patients.

”If you’re calling please have patience with us. We want to get to everybody that we possibly can but we are sometimes getting overloaded with messages and people trying to get in. Just this morning I had 100 messages on my answer machine to put people on the list,” said Smith.

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