Cleveland Police Make Quick Arrest in Early Morning Murder

Cleveland, TN (WDEF-TV) – Cleveland police charge a man after a shooting incident early today that left another man dead.
Investigators say it appears to be the result of a violent domestic conflict that has been going on for weeks.

ANITA COOK,NEIGHBOR "I just wish she had told the officers the truth yesterday..he would have been in jail last night and Michael would still be here."

Neighbors in this Cleveland community say it was impossible not to hear the daily shouting and noises coming from the home at 1508 Goode Street. Police were called on Monday because of a fight between the woman who lived in the house and a man identified as her boyfriend—43 year old Sean Angelo Davenport.
But about 7:30 Tuesday morning it turned deadly. A man who lived in the home with them, was shot to death near the front door.
The victim was identified as 38-year-old Michael Swafford.
The suspect was picked up a few blocks away a few minutes later.

OFFICER ANTHONY COCHRAN, CLEVELAND POLICE DEPARTMENT "The person that we’re interviewing had an accident just down the road. And there had been a domestic here prior, yesterday, involving that subject so that’s what raised our suspicion that he may have been back over here again."

Neighbors describe the victim as a good person who was trying to help.

AMANDA WELLS , NEIGHBOR "I honestly think Michael was trying to solve it and he ended up getting in the middle. (ANITA COOK) "He was probably just trying to stop him from hurting her or something …because they were all the time fighting…he was just…at the wrong place at the wrong time."

Police are still gathering evidence about the shooting, and the suspect.

OFFICER ANTHONY COCHRAN "We did not find any weapons in the house or in that vehicle that matched the casings that we had up here."

But police later found a firearm in Davenport’s truck believed to be the murder weapon.
He’s charged with second degree murder .
Cleveland Police were assisted by the Bradley county sheriff’s department in the investigation that resulted in a quick arrest of the suspect.

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