Cleveland Police Officers Save a Life

Three Cleveland police officers became heroes after saving a woman’s life in her home last Thursday.

"When you sign up for this you’re saying I give my life for this community," said Cleveland police department spokesperson Evie West. "I give my life for this city. And whatever that entails."

Thursday morning, Cleveland police officers responded to a call of a domestic dispute taking place at a home on Aurora Avenue.

But when officers got to the home, they came upon something very different.

"Officer Lorenzano said he heard someone inside," said Officer Anthony Cochran. "It sounded like they were gasping for air and it sounded like someone was either getting thrown on the ground or hit the ground. It sounded like stuff hit the shelves."

The officers yelled to the woman from outside several times and got no response.

"He got no response and at that time he decided that he needed to force entry into the residence," said Officer Stephen Warner.

Officers Cochran and Lorenzano entered and cleared the residence.

That’s when they discovered a woman unresponsive on the bathroom floor, having seizures.

"We were doing our best to keep her from injuring herself while thrashing around, bumping her head or anything like that," said Warner. "And while we were letting her go through her seizures she actually quit breathing about three times."

After calling EMS, the officers quickly responded with CPR.

Warner said, "At one point she stopped breathing and that’s when Officer Warner and I began chest compressions because we determined that she wasn’t breathing."

The woman made a full recovery and refused medical treatment when the ambulance arrived.

Officers Lorenzano, Cochran, and Warner used incredible intelligence, teamwork and determination but consider their heroic act all in a day’s work.

"It’s just part of it," said Warner. "We’ve got a job to do and we try to do it the best we can."

"We have to get to people and we have to get to our community as fast as we can," said West "So I think it’s just the humbleness of the officers saying, ‘yeah we saved a life.’ I’m happy that that happened but let’s move on to another call."

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