Cleveland Police Will Soon Issue E-Tickets

CLEVELAND, TN (WDEF) – Come early fall, Cleveland Police will be able to issue a citation in about one minute.

It’s called an E-ticket, and it’s a far cry from the usual traffic stop and citation.

You know, the one where you have to sit in your car at least ten minutes while the officer verifies your information with dispatch.

Captain Dennis Maddux, with the Cleveland Police Department, says, "Type, sit, and take his attention off of the person he’s dealing with and that detracts from his safety.

Captain Maddux says that officer safety is the number one reason they’re moving away from the paper ticket booklet and copying what Johnson City is already doing.

Captain Maddux adds, "We actually looked at this system a couple of years ago, maybe three, but at that point we didn’t feel like technology came to a point where it would benefit the department."

These officers already have an android-based cell phone.

All they need now is a special data package, and that’s in the works thanks to the Cleveland City Council.

They agreed to spend just under $100,000 to get this system up and running.

Captain Maddux adds, "Officer down time is going to be greatly reduced. He can get back to his job a lot quicker using this system."

Greg Culp, a resident, says, "If saves them time, but I bet it costs more.

It will cost you five dollars more per ticket.

It’s called a technology fee.

But officers say it will save money in the long run, even though they also print a hard copy with along with your E-ticket.

That’s sitting well with the folks we caught up with.

Richard Elliston, a resident, says, "Sounds fine to me, sounds like something that save the tax payers a little money and will be safer for everybody."

Aliena Ellis, another resident, adds, "If they’re going to do it anyway, give you ticket, makes it faster and cheaper its a god idea."

We’re told Cleveland Police officers will only need about four hours of training on the new system.

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