Sailor from Cleveland is missing in Singapore

CLEVELAND, Tenn. (WDEF) – The Navy has issued a statement about the missing sailor from Cleveland.

“Machinist Mate Fireman Seth Austin Woods was discovered missing in Singapore
May 6 after separating from a group of Sailors while on shore liberty. Woods
is a crew member aboard the Los Angles-class attack submarine USS Oklahoma
City (SSN 723). The U.S. Navy is cooperating with local law enforcement
authorities in Singapore and we hope to locate the Sailor soon. His safety
is our top priority.”

V/R LT Pah Yip


A Tennessee Valley family is concerned about a sailor who is missing.

The family of 18-year-old Seth Woods says no one has heard from him in three days, after he got off the submarine at the port in Singapore.

Woods recently became a sailor in the U.S. Navy.

“I was very proud because it is hard in this day and time to get ahead. And this would offer him the traveling, he wanted to see different places. This would offer him to see the different places that he wanted to do, a skill set and a career,” Jody Stow, Woods’ father said.

His father admires his determination.

“When he sets his mind on something there is no stopping him,” Jody Stow said.

The family was worried when they received a message on Monday telling them to contact Seth’s commander.

“So we called and he informed us that Seth did not report back to the ship that they go in pairs and that his buddy left him in a smoke spot and he walked across, his buddy walked across to the 7-eleven and when he came back Seth was gone,” Jody Stow said.

The Navy has been keeping the family updated, saying Woods took money out of the ATM and there were some possible sightings.

“We just want to know he is safe to start with. If he is safe that is going to be a huge thing for us, I mean relief. But I mean if there is an issue. We want him to know that there is no issue that is so bad that he can’t step forward and deal with it,” Jody Stow said.

His mother and father are hoping he communicates with someone soon.

“Just get with somebody. So you can come home,” said Carmen Stow, Woods’ mother.

“You have to reach out to someone, talk to someone and we will get this resolved. Let us know you are safe,” Jody Stow said.

The family says they were told the vessel will leave Singapore within the next couple of days. They are hoping they hear from him by then.


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