Cleveland Schools and Bradley County Liquor Tax Debate Rages On

CHATTANOOGA,TN, (WDEF)-Liquor by the drink taxes in Cleveland contribute about 100k annually to the city school systems’ maintenance fund.

Thursday’s thumbs up by Chancellor Jerri Bryant aims to keep those funds coming to Cleveland city schools.

Doug Moore, Cleveland City Schools,"It’s reassuring that they are going to be there."

But county officials claim their school system should also get some of the liquor tax money.

Dan Rawls, County Commissioner District 6,"The people in the county that paid into that fund through taxation on the liquor and now we have a judge saying that taxation out of those coffers is only available to the city school system, i think that is a little bit egregious".

Bradley County’s attorney James Logan feels the chancellor made a mistake and that the city in fact owes the county money.

"The chancellor issued an opinion yesterday and we have filed a motion to alter, amend, it appears the chancellor has misread the statute which is applicable".

City School’s Doug Moore welcomed the decision and also quashed rumors that the liquor tax money is needed for a new school.

"The money we would receive to build an elementary schools would come from the city council,bond or something like that, this money goes into our operating expenses and has for many years".

The Superintendent of Cleveland schools celebrated the decision through social media calling the chancellor’s decision "A win for our city and school system."

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