Cleveland State Community College Gets New Athletic Program

CLEVELAND, Tenn. (WDEF)- Cleveland state community college took a giant step today by announcing new athletic programs coupled with enhanced academic programs.

It also has received a substantial financial contribution.

College president Dr. Bill Seymour headlined the news conference this afternoon.

Each of the additions was introduced under the banner of “growing our future.”

Seymour says the goal is to grow enrollment from 3,500 students to more than 4,000.

In addition to new golf and volleyball sports, new academic programs including mechanical engineering and applied science courses.

The contribution of 250,000 dollars was made by health care businessman Greg Vital.

“We need stable management practices. That could be defined lots of ways, but we all know, we don’t have to be a republican or a democrat  to understand that conservation of protecting and being a steward on the place we live is good business for all of us,” said  Greg Vital, who is the president and Chief Executive Officer of  Independent Healthcare Properties.

In recognition—Cleveland state today created the “Greg A. Vital Center for Natural Resources and Conservation.


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