Walker Valley Destroys Cleveland 68-36

CLEAVELAND, Tenn. (WDEF)- Cleveland and Walker Valley start off tonight with both teams filled with energy.

Right off the top Walker Valley pushing hard, Kolton Gibson lobs the ball downfield to Cooper Melton for a big gain.

Gibson using that gain to set up for a charge towards the endzone and it looks like nobody is stopping him, Walker Valley makes the extra point, score is 7-0.

Blue Raiders seeking vengence give the ball to Micaleous Elder who rushes the ball just past the 10 yard line before he is taken down.

Skylar Davis uses the distance to his advantage to run in the ball, he makes a touchdown and the 2-point conversion. 8 points Raiders.

Hoping to gain some ground Kolton Gibson passes the ball to Zach Eslinger who is knocked out of bounds at the 20 yard line.

Kolton Gibson with the ball trying to recreate some magic when it gets fumbled, Raiders’ Logan Stutzman recovers the ball and puts up a fight before he is brought down.

Davis tries to pass but its tapped into the air, Cody Morfield intercepts and makes a big gain for Walker Valley.

Kolton Gibson shows off his speed as he runs into the endzone again, widening the gap between Walker Valley and Cleveland.

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