Cleveland’s Hardwick Clothes gets new contract for 65,000 suits

Cleveland, TN (WDEF) –  America’s oldest privately-held tailored clothing maker gets a big boost.
     Cleveland’s Hardwick Clothes announced a new contract Monday to produce 65,000 suits over the next year.
     This new contract will more than double the company’s manufacturing volume.
     One reason Hardwick was awarded the contract was because of recent upgrades made.
     The company recently invested more than $800,000 in new equipment.
     Hardwick Clothes new owner Allan Jones said, "Well when we looked at all the assets of the company, the biggest asset wasn’t even on the balance sheet; it was all the experience of our staff that had been here for years and years. We were out here a while ago and talked to a lady that started here over 50 years ago. She’s worked here for 50 years. You cannot find that type of talent."
      TVA is giving Hardwick Clothes a discount because of new energy efficient equipment it recently bought.
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