Click it or Ticket to keep you and your family safe

EAST RIDGE, Tennessee (WDEF)- Over 100 law enforcement officers from Tennessee and Georgia came together to remind drivers to fasten their seatbelts.

Through ‘Click It or Ticket, seatbelt enforcement will increase for the new two weeks through Tennessee and Georgia.

Tennessee Law Enforcement liaison Fred Sherrill says this is about getting people into the habit of buckling up for their safety.

He says evidence shows on average if you buckle up 14 in a row by being reminded on the fifteenth time you will start to do it instinctively.

“Or wanting to change people’s driving habits and make them safe. Let the seatbelt do its job if you’re involved in a crash and you’ve got that seatbelt around behind you or buckle in other precarious positions where you don’t wanna hear that ding doing off then it’s not going to be good do you want to make sure and let the seatbelt do its work and buckle up like your suppose to,” said Sherrill.

He said statistics show women are more likely to wear a seat belt than men and people driving pick-up trucks are the least likely to be wearing a seatbelt, so extra attention will be paid to trucks.

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