Clinsearch in Chattanooga Seeks Volunteers for Covid Vaccine Trials

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF)- ‘ClinSearch’ is seeking 800 volunteers.

According to Dr. Mark Mckenzie, those volunteers would take part in Covid-19 treatment and vaccine trials, “We’re not exposing them to Covid. They would get exposed to Covid out in the community -potentially.”

Dr. McKenzie says even with precautions, Coronavirus is spreading rapidly, “If you’re going to get sick we want you to recover quickly. If we can do something in one of these trials to prevent you from getting sick that’s a win as well. We’re trying to get all that data so down the road we know how to treat the general public.”

The company is looking for people from different demographics to participate in the trials but not everyone is on board.

“It gives us better data. It tells us ‘okay, there’s no difference in how this works on this segment of society whether you’re living in a densely populated city or out in the rural areas” says Dr. McKenzie.

“I’m not taking no vaccine unless Joe Biden says it. I just don’t trust anything right now. The vaccine, the economy, politics nothing” says one Chattanooga resident.

Dr. Mckenzie says medical ventures from the past may have caused minorities to resist participating in clinical trials, “Tuskegee is probably the biggest example of that syphilis trial.”

If you’re interested in volunteer, check out the information below.

Phone: 423-698-4584


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