Coahulla Creek Still Elicits Funny Pronunciations

Dalton, GA-(WDEF-TV) Let’s be honest about the Coahulla Creek football team.
The first time you saw their name, you had no idea how to say it.
And even though the Colts have been playing ball since 2011, their name still gives people fits.

Said head coach Caleb Bagley:”It has been butchered in the two years that I have been here. Multiple stadiums. Multiple radio stations.”
Reporter:”Give us the official, correct pronunciation.”
Said Bagley:”It is Kuh-hulla. Coahulla Creek. It has been called Kuh-hoola is a very common one. I guess because of the two L’s. Kuh-hoola. Koh-uh-hulla. because it’s c-o-a-h-u-l-l-a.”
Reporter:”What is it do you think throws people off with this name?”
Said assistant coach Justin Dover:”Uh. It’s not uh. (chuckles) Be honest with you. You can see some of it right there. To be honest with you. I have no idea.”
Reporter:”Do you ever get the sense people are wanting you to say it for them. Do you ever get that?”
Said running back Austin Hernandez:”Maybe once or twice I’ve had to pronounce it for someone, but other than that, most people around here know how to pronounce Coahulla.”
Said Bagley:”We went to the (Atlanta) Falcons game several weeks back. Took a group of our upperclassmen. When they called me, the first thing they said is, how do you say your name? I joke with people. I’ll say my name. You say it Caleb. C-A-L-E-B like it’s spelled. They’ll laugh, but it’s different man. Prater’s Mill which is where Coahulla Creek is at right up the road. I’m sure that’s where the name of the high school came from. It is actually an Indian word for pole tent, which I have no idea why.”
Said Dover:”We kind of stick together. We know what it is. Whether you can say it right doesn’t matter to us. We know who we are.”

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