Coffee With A Cop at the Camp House

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF)- Being a cop anywhere in the United States can sometime come with controversy and scrutiny, in an attempt to bridge the gap between law enforcement and the people they protect Chattanooga Police Department wants to have a cup of coffee with you.

The Camp House was the first to see the event Coffee with a Cop.

The public can ask questions, give opinions or simply have a conversation with officials during the event.

Chattanooga law officials hope that this will help bridge the gap between the public and law enforcement.

“Things we understand how diverse Chattanooga’s community is and it gets us into settings where we might interact with people that we may not interact with not only professionally, but also socially. I know where I go to church, I know where who my friends are and around my home and I know what my neighbors do. This will give me the opportunity to interact with people outside of those circles and maybe even develop new circles for myself,” said David Roddy who is works within the Chattanooga Police Department.

Don’t worry if you missed out there will be more events like this where you too can have coffee with a cop and join in on the conversation.

Chattanooga PD tells us at News 12 they expect to do events like this every three months or so for better community relations.

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