Cold Case Homicide Reopened

HAMILTON COUNTY, Tenn. (WDEF)- Hamilton County District Attorney Neal Pinkston is seeking help from the public to solve a homicide and potential missing person case.

“The cold case has gotten reliable and credible information that a female was murdered around 2010 -give or take a year.”

Authorities currently have not identified the woman.

Investigators believe her body was stored in the trunk of a Lincoln continental at a now closed bar, named Dagwood, off highway 58.

“It was a white female that was murdered and was then transported and dumpedin the area of highway 58 and Hickory Valley Road.”

Officials say there is no record showing reports of a murdered female or missing persons report.

“However that doesn’t mean that other counties or other states may not have had a missing person that we here locally don’t know about.”

The Cold Case Unit Supervisor Mike Mathis tells News 12 that any piece of information can be essential, “Call us and let’s talk and we’ll figure out whether this is related or not.”

Here is the cold case hotline: 423-209-7470

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