Coldest Weather of the Season Knocking on the Door

(WDEF) The coldest weather of the season gets ready to pour into the region, so that means now is the time to prepare.
     Tennessee American Water wants you to help prevent frozen pipes.
     Officials remind us to check your sprinkler or irrigation systems to make sure they’re turned off and fully drained.
     To check your home’s freezing points like unheated rooms, crawl spaces and exterior walls.
     To wrap any pipes exposed to the cold, and to fix any drafts around doors and windows.
     Daphne Kirksey of TennAm Water explained, "Once it gets really cold, if there are any pipes that are kind of in danger, if they’ll like drip their water faucet a little bit and the cost of that’s going to be very minimal compared to a repair cost if your pipes do burst."
     If a pipe bursts, call the TennAm Customer Service number.
     That’s 1-866-736-6420.
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