Collection Drive Held for Harvey Storm Victims

OOLTEWAH, Tenn. (WDEF) — Cleanup efforts continue for those impacted by Hurricane Harvey, and Tennessee Valley residents want to help out.

They’re holding a donation drive to help storm victims get back to normal in Texas.

Samaritan Center workers and volunteers are planning to fill up a large trailer with supplies for Hurricane Harvey victims.

“Right now they’re in need of just about everything, and so we’re zeroing in on cleanup products, things that they’re going to need from now until they can get back in their homes again,” said Terry Haight, Adventist Disaster Response.

Folks will be out here for a week, taking donations.

With many homes in Texas still underwater, recovery efforts are just beginning.

“And you have a lot of people out there that want to come in and volunteer, having the tools, having the equipment for them to go in there and be effective in helping those people, will be important, so that’s what we’re focusing on,” said Tony Dahlberg, Executive Director, the Samaritan Center.

This drive is for Harvey victims, but Haight says Adventist Disaster Response is already looking ahead to Hurricane Irma, if needed.

“We’ve already been approached by my counterpart in Florida to help out if they need it,” Haight said. “We don’t self deploy. We’re asked to come in by the government.”

The Samaritan Center usually focuses on the Tennessee Valley, but workers say helping neighboring states is just as important.

“Everybody out here remembers back in 2011 and 2012 when tornadoes hit our own neighborhoods, and we had a lot of outside help with volunteers and supplies that people donated from all around the country that they sent here,” Dahlberg said. “So this gives us a chance here in Tennessee, and Chattanooga, Ooltewah area, for us to pay it forward to our neighbors out in Texas.”

And depending on Irma’s path, Florida could also be included in the near future.

“We’ll see what we can do for them, after we help the people in Texas,” Dahlberg said.

You can find a list of supplies the Samaritan Center is collecting for this drive here:

They’re also collecting cash donations.


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