Collegedale commissioners move forward with Little Debbie park

COLLEGEDALE, Tennessee (WDEF)– Collegedale will be moving forward with its contract plans to build a new park, but how we got to this point has been a bumpy road.

Collegedale city commission approved the Little Debbie Park at the Commons contract terms 5-0.

“Overall this is going to be a huge benefit to not just this community but the surrounding area and we’re so thankful that we’re able to do this without tax dollars,” said Commissioner Ethan White.

The money for the park is donated by McKee Foods and a quick deed contract was done under former City manager Ted Rodgers despite Rodgers not telling commissioners for two years.

A socially distanced crowd showed up to protest feeling the city isn’t listening to them.

“They did not listen to the community, what the needs are and what the requests are of the community that’s a big thing here,” said Dennis Gustafson.

“I also want to take care of the taxpayers and the citizens that feel like they’re going to be negatively impacted by this by coming up with a solution,” said White.

Others asked for the commissioners to accept the park donation.

“I think the Little Debbie Park is gonna be a great addition to the community where the community that’s about people being outside and playing hard. It’s just another jewel to our community,” said Ruthie Gray.

Another big complaint by some people is back in street parking.

“I think backup parking is the way of the future, it’s safer. It keeps all the occupants of the rear of the vehicle out of the flow of traffic and I suggested to the city staff that we look at what the cost would be to put a roundabout there so that it gives a flow of traffic so that cars that don’t know that there are two neighborhoods down there will have a way to come back around without going into the private residence up there,” said White.

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