Collegedale crews share the secret to clear roads

COLLEGEDALE, Tenn. (WDEF) — Collegedale is known for keeping its roads clear, no matter the weather.

Crews coated the roads with brine — a mixture of salt and water– Monday and early Tuesday, trying to get ahead of the snow and ice.

But you might be thinking, how is a liquid solution going to help when the temperature drops to around ten degrees tonight?

“Once it’s down and the water that’s put down evaporates, the salt stays there so there’s no issues if it gets super super cold. It will still work for a certain amount of time,” said Eric Sines, Collegedale’s Director of Public Works.

Since brine is a mixed solution, it covers more area and costs less money. But its effectiveness only holds until around 15 degrees.

After lunchtime Tuesday, crews began dropping a salt and sand mixture.

“That too is also a cost savings because sand is a lot cheaper than salt,” Sines said. “Plus that sand grit gives you traction where areas where you already have the potential of ice, snow built up and packed down.”

Hamilton County says they also started using salt and sand around noon Tuesday, when the temperature dropped into the 20s.

But Sines says the public can help keep roads safe by doing one simple thing.

“One of the things I always recommend is for people not to go out driving in it if you don’t have to. A lot of times when we have snow events that come in during the evenings, people go out and drive in it. And that actually packs the snow down into ice if it’s a wet snow. And that makes it really hard to get up off the road. We have to use a lot of excessive salt to cut through that ice.”

Plan to stay inside and off the roads until the snow and ice melts. Stay tuned to News 12 on air and online for the latest updates.

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