Collegedale Fire Captain is Our First Responder of the Month

When there’s trouble, and you have to call for help, you expect a police officer, firefighter or E-M-T.
You don’t expect one person who can do it all.
But Brian Hickman can.
That’s one reason he was named the Tri-Communities officer of the year.
He’s also our First Responder of the Month.

Brian Hickman is the Captain of the Collegedale Tri-Com fire volunteer fire department. He’s also their officer of the year.

BRIAN HICKMAN, FIRE CAPTAIN, TRI-COM  “On our annual awards banquet uh, one of the things that Tri-Com does is they let all the members vote on who they think should win those types of awards, so of course winning officer of the year for the fire department is a great honor.”

But there’s more to this busy public servant. He began his career as an EMS tech.

BRIAN HICKMAN  “When I moved to Chattanooga uh, my second year here I went to Chattanooga State to the EMS program, and there were a couple of guys in my class who were on the Tri-Community Fire Department at the time. So, they got me involved in going to the fire department. So, I actually got started in that in 1995.”

From there he became a police officer.

BRIAN  “One of the lieutenants at station one at the time worked for the Collegedale police department and got me involved in the reserve program here, and so I started as a reserve officer for Collegedale and over the years moved up in ranks ’til I became chief of police.”

If you wonder how he finds time to do it all, Brian explains—

BRIAN  “You know, I have a great, great wife and uh she’s on the fire department also, and uh, my daughter, she loves it as well.”

Brian Hickman has a simple philosophy of life…

BRIAN  “If you are able to volunteer…whether its in the fire service, whether its soup kitchen, where ever it is..uh, giving back to your community is probably one of the most rewarding things that you can does a servant.”

AMY MAXWELL, HAMILTON CO. EMA  “This is well deserved award. Brian, not only is uh a,. a great team member , but he also works well with other people. And that’s a key asset to have especially in public service.”

For a lot of good reasons…Brian Hickman is our First Responder of the Month.

JAMES WETTERMARK- “At Wettermark Keith we are so proud of this month’s First Responder’s winner. But we’re also proud of the hundreds of other First Responders who are out there working every day and every night to protect us and our families.”

In Chattanooga, Bill Mitchell, News 12 Now.
If you would like to nominate a law enforcement officer, firefighter or EMS member for our First Responder Award, send us the information to News@WDEF.COM. as

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