Collegedale investigates and then criticizes alleged racial comment by officer

COLLEGEDALE, Tennessee (WDEF) – The Police Chief for Collegedale is addressing social media posts claiming one of his officers made a racial response during a traffic stop.

Chief Jack Sapp says he started an investigation after learning of the claim on social media.

The complaints say the officer pulled them over for going 3 miles over the speed limit.

They asked the officer if they needed to keep their hands on the wheel.

They said the officer replied “No. You don’t look like you’ll hurt me like the rest.”

The Chief says they looked at the body cam video from the incident.

He says it showed they were actually going 15 miles over the speed limit on University Drive.

And the officer actually said “No. You’re good. I don’t think you’re going to hurt me, ok.”

The Chief says he complaints against officers seriously, but….  “It is very troubling when anyone is falsely accused, regardless of who they are, but it is simply reckless to influence people with false accusations because it could easily hurt the message of those out there that may have valid complaints against police.”

He says the officer in this incident was professional and courteous.

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