Collegedale Mayor issues statement on ticket quota controversy

COLLEGEDALE, Tennessee (WDEF) – Mayor Katie Lamb has issued a statement on the lawsuit and accusations dogging their local police department.

A former officer has filed suit against the department, claiming they fired him for questioning an illegal ticket quote for officers.

Commissioner Ethan White asked the District Attorney to investigate the claim, and we confirmed this week that the TBI is conducting the investigation.

Thursday evening, Mayor Lamb issued this statement:



“As Mayor of the City of Collegedale, I would like to take this opportunity to reply
to the allegations of cover-ups of perceived wrong doings within our
administration. With the understanding that our citizens are watching how we
handle these allegations, I must speak out regarding the integrity of our city
leaders and their continued efforts to keep Collegedale one of the best cities in
which to live.

On a daily basis we lead and manage Collegedale, a growing, dynamic and
wonderful city. Therefore, I can assure you that the city does not have a culture
of cover-up. To the contrary, we are very transparent in all our business
transactions despite the unfounded accusations otherwise. This transparency,
coupled with following best practices in the workplace, helps position the city to
continually seize opportunities of positive growth.

We take any allegation of wrongdoing seriously, but as I commented at our last
meeting, we are not trying the lawsuit brought against the city in the media,
where accusations and innuendos generate unproductive drama. We will rely on
our courts to provide justice to the parties involved.

With an open mind and possessing the ability to be forward thinking, our group is
enthused about the future of Collegedale. We know running the people’s
business is a very serious matter. Rest assured, we are guiding the city through
prosperous and exciting times.”

Respectfully yours,

Katie A. Lamb, Mayor of Collegedale

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