Collegedale officials discuss alleged quota system within police department

COLLEGEDALE, Tenn. (WDEF) – The Collegedale City Commission meeting Monday night didn’t go without a discussion on an allegation that the police department used a quota system.

“I would prefer it to be played out in the legal system, not the court of public opinion,” Mayor Katie Lamb said.

A complaint against the city was filed by a former Collegedale police officer.

It accuses the department of setting certain numbers for officers to reach when it comes to arrests and citations.

City officials said they are waiting for the case to run its course.

“I like to give people second chances, but there’s a time that when you do have second chances you don’t keep giving them, but you don’t know that until you get all your facts and everything’s given to you then you can make a sound, educated and appropriate decision,” Commissioner Debbie Baker said.

“And, if somebody is guilty of something then I’m sure that our city manager and the team will take whatever appropriate actions and then we’ll leave it on their hands,” Vice Mayor Tim Johnson said.

Commissioner Ethan White brought up the allegation at the meeting.

He said he has received emails from concerned citizens over matter.

“They want the truth to be revealed and that’s all I’m asking for. I’m asking for the truth to be sought after,” Commissioner White said.

Last week, Commissioner White asked the Hamilton County District Attorney to investigate the police department.

A TBI spokesperson confirmed and said that at at the request of the district attorney, agents are investigating an allegation of official misconduct involving a quota system.

“The people of Collegedale should be proud of who’s out there protecting them, because we’ve got a great team on patrol. My question is for the integrity of the department, for the integrity of the city, a third party has to do that investigation of administration and that’s all I’m asking for. It’s not saying they’re guilty. It’s saying, hey we’ve got to restore the public’s trust and there’s only one entity that can do that. It’s the district attorney’s office or the TBI,” Commissioner White said.

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