Collegedale’s Veterans Park unveils new sculpture honoring women soldiers

COLLEGEDALE, Tennessee (WDEF) – The mission of the Collegedale’s Veterans Park is to honor all veterans who paid the ultimate sacrifice for our country.

Now a life-size bronze sculpture of a female Army nurse has been added to the park.

The statue is meant to honor all women who have served, are serving, or will serve.

Veteran and nurse Rebecca Ford-Ringwood was asked to speak at the statue unveiling.

“I thought it was simply the greatest honor that I could’ve ever had. I think that when you retire you just forget about how important your role was. And it just brought it all back to me,” said Ford-Ringwood.

Veteran Johnny Arp said it’s long overdue.

They should have been honored a long time ago. Just honor them in any way we can,” said Arp.

Ford-Ringwood said this is an inspiration to all future women.

“Young girls, young women can walk by this beautiful sculpture and say I’d like to do that too I’d like to serve,” said Ford-Ringwood.

In pure numbers, fewer women have died in combat than men, but that doesn’t mean their sacrifice is any less.

“Historically women have been limited in what they can do and now they are no longer limited. They’ll be more things for women to do. Their sacrifices will be greater,” said Ford-Ringwood.

It’s expected that this station will be the last addition to the park.

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