Comcast announces faster download speeds in Chattanooga

NASHVILLE (WDEF) – Comcast announced on Tuesday that they are increasing download speeds on Xfinity Internet packages for Chattanooga.

There is no added fee and you don’t need to do anything to get the faster speeds.

Here is the breakdown of new speeds available today:

— Performance tier from 60 Mbps to 100 Mbps

— Blast! 150 to 200 Mbps

— Extreme 250 to 300 Mbps

— Extreme Pro 400 to 600 Mbps

That covers about 85% of their customers in Chattanooga.

Comcast officials say Chattanooga subscribers on average have seen their speeds jump more than 50% over the last couple of years.

“We’re not only delivering the broadband speed and capacity that customers need to run more sophisticated home networks, we’re setting the bar for coverage and control, too,” said Jason Gumbs, Regional SVP at Comcast.

“Modern homes require fast Internet, wall-to-wall Wi-Fi, and a way to manage the connectivity needs of the entire household. With xFi, we’re giving our Internet customers the tools to manage the growing number of connected devices, apps and technologies in their homes.”

Customers who lease a gateway will get the new speeds without resting their modems

But customers who bought their own modems need to go online to see if you need a new one. Click here.

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