Commissioner asks for Collegedale police ticket quota investigation

COLLEGEDALE, Tennessee (WDEF) – A city commissioner is now asking District Attorney General Neal Pinkston to investigate the ticket quota issue in Collegedale.

A former officer has filed suit against the city and the Collegedale Police Department saying he was fired for challenging the alleged quota.

Robert Bedell’s lawsuit alleges that the department requires patrol officers to write 25 tickets or arrests a month, even though state law prohibits specific ticket quotas.

Bedell says in January, he was told to either resign or be fired.

He claims he resigned under duress.

On Thursday, Commissioner Ethan White issued this statement:

In 2014, I was elected by the people of Collegedale to represent their best interests.  I took an oath to defend the Constitution of the United States, the State of Tennessee, and ultimately to protect the rights of those who live in Collegedale.  The citizens of Collegedale entrusted myself and the rest of the Commission with their best interests and it is my responsibility to ensure that the public’s civil rights are being protected.  Due to the allegations of a quota system being implemented by members of police department administration either written or unwritten, stated or implied, I feel it is necessary for a formal investigation to be conducted.

Today, I have reached out to District Attorney General Neal Pinkston requesting that he immediately request the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation to conduct a full investigation into the Collegedale Police Department’s operating policies. My request is to hopefully help restore the confidence of the public in our police department, my request does not serve as a judgement or suspicion of guilt against the police department.  All those involved should welcome an investigation and cooperate fully.However, if any wrong doing is found, I expect the immediate termination of anyone involved in said wrong doing.  Corruption at any level will not be tolerated by myself or the residents of Collegedale. 

I stand by the men and women of the Collegedale Police Department’s patrol division, who on a daily basis put their lives on the line to serve and protect the residents of Collegedale.  I invite members of the community to our Commission meeting Monday night at 6pm to address any concerns you might have.  I also invite anyone who has personal concerns to email me at

Ethan A. White

Commissioner, City of Collegedale TN

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