Commissioner meets with district over potential redistricting

CHATTANOOGA, Tennessee (WDEF) – Hamilton County District 5 Commissioner Katherlyn Geter met with the community to explain what redistricting means.

“Taking those changes that the census data provides us and looking at countywide base on the population changes how do we adjust as a county. Right now each district we cover about a little over 40,000 people in each district,” said Geter.

She said hearing from the community is so important so she knows what District 5 wants and needs.

“Don’t go silent. The biggest thing is while we’re having these meetings make sure you are telling your elected official what is important to you in terms of what your community interest is,” said Geter.

Geter said no maps are proposed right now but these maps are starting point drafts of what different districts’ numbers could look like and what people would like changed or kept.

Jackie Thomas came out to give her opinion on what is important to her and what is needed for the community to flourish.

“When you look at Chattanooga in the past issues we have had with government and how our government is run I wanna make sure as an African-American that we are, our community is not forgotten our communities have input and say on where you draw the lines,” said Thomas.

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