Commissioner Sharpe proposes a Wheel Tax vote for teacher raises

CHATTANOOGA (WDEF) – At the Hamilton County Commission meeting this morning, Commissioner David Sharpe introduced a resolution to put a $60 DOLLAR wheel tax as a referendum on the March 3rd, 2020 ballot.

Sharpe has been trying various ways to fund teacher raises, since the original Hamilton County School budget request for a funding increase, was defeated. Sharpe wants to use the funds for a teacher pay increase.

A vigorous debate about that …included a question of whether such funds could be directed toward teacher raises, and whether the referendum would get more public input if it were on the November 2020 ballot instead.

And it included these barbs:

Tax Critic Commissioner Tim Boyd said “I must say and give credit to Commissioner Sharpe for his continued efforts, tireless efforts really, to increase taxes for the school as part of the agenda for UnifiEd. that helped place Commissioner Sharpe on this bench.”

Commissioner Sharpe replied “I would just like to make a correction there. The people of district 6 put me in this seat, and by a pretty good margin. Just like the people of district 8, Commissioner Boyd, put you in your seat. The difference here, is that I trust the people of district 6 to make these decisions.”

The vote on the wheel tax referendum will take place next Wednesday. Any amendments to that resolution would have to be proposed and voted on that day as well.

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